Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Safe, Efficient Audience Registration & Screening

Standing Room Only

Registration & Screening

Standing Room Only provides you with a complete solution for safe event registration including Covid-19 audience testing and approval. We can be your full solution or work with another testing company to ensure you can safely screen audience members prior to your event to comply with Covid-19 guidelines and regulations for safe event attendance.

Our service allows members & fans to easily sign up and get tested to attend your events. Get registrants’ confidential test results and when they test negative for Covid-19 our system can approve them to attend your events and communicate updates to attendees.


Socially Responsible,

Safe Event Registration

It’s our social responsibility and to keep events and shows during a pandemic safe for our attendees and give them peace of mind that any event they are attending practices the most rigorous testing and health protocols. Let the SRO platform eliminate your technical headaches with a proven process for Covid-19 testing and registration with paperless records and certifications.

Every person attending your event will be electronically registered in detail, including attendee records, Covid-19 required tests, audience participation and show times, dates and locations. 

Automated processes on our platform allow you to be efficient, practical, and above all safe in this unprecedented time. Let the SRO system give you peace of mind that you can manage events and audiences in a safe and sustainable way for your business.

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