Covid-19 Film Production

A end-to-end solution for managing employees, casting extras, & movie extras during Covid-19

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Proven Production Process

Now more than ever, studios and production sites need to provide a full end to end solution for managing employees, casting extras, movie extras and all the people resources associated with a production. 
After more than ten years of effective management of these services, we have created the only fully electronic end to end process for these unprecedented  times, and we are excited to share our process with you.

What Makes Us Unique?

An End-to-End Film Production Solution

COVID testing  is only one part of the  puzzle. Our system also provides extensive management of the full production process.

This includes accurate completion of i9 forms to verify for employment, verifying test status, and seamlessly tracking hours worked (including overtime and meals) and issuing electronic  checks to staff members and production extras. 

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