Terms & Conditions

  1. All the above fees are due and payable by Producer to SRO within 10 days of receipt of SRO Invoice. A 10% late fee is automatically applied to all outstanding invoices exceeding 10 days.
  2. Producer will be responsible for, and absolve SRO from all responsibility for:  (a) controlling the audience members and giving all direction to them; (b) collecting and safe-keeping of audience members’ cell phones; (c) providing wardrobe information directly to the audience members; and (d) determining demographics and composition of Producer’s desired audience.
  3. Producer will provide a set medic and be responsible for providing a medical response team for audience members who become ill on set premises or in case of an accident.
  4. Producer will add JNL Productions, Inc. DBA Standing Room Only as an additional insured on its insurance policies insuring for general liability, employment practices, and worker’s compensation.  Upon SRO request, Producer will promptly provide to SRO Certificates of Insurance verifying such coverage.
  5. To the extent SRO is not fully protected by such insurance, Producer (including through the foregoing insurance) will defend and indemnify SRO from and against all claims and liability to audience members.
  6. Overbooking Policy – In order to protect from a shortness of audience, the show will be overbooked by 5 people over the amount of audience members requested by Producer and SRO will be compensated by Producer for 5 people over the amount ordered if all audience members arrive at the suggested arrival time.
  7. Cancellation Fees – If less than 48-hour notice by Producer, 50% of total will be due from Producer to SRO for the cancelled day.
  8. For all new Producers engaging SRO, a 100% deposit is due and payable before services are rendered.
  9. Deposits: a 75% deposit will be invoiced for show requests over the amount of 300 people per day.
  10. For all shows over 8 hours, the Audience incentive hourly rate is $21.00 per hour, and over 12 hours is $28.00 per hour.
  11. After 6 hours from the scheduled arrival time, each audience member must receive a 30-minute break or receive the equivalent of 1 hour of pay ($15.00) in addition to the regular pay if the meal break is missed.
  12. For all shows over 8 hours, the Coordinator incentive hourly rate is $28.50 per hour, and over 12 hours is $37.50 per hour.
Producer agrees with the above terms and conditions and the sub-contracted engagement of SRO for all shows/productions. This is an estimated compensation card based on information available at this time. Any alterations must be agreed upon by both parties in writing. Any changes will result in additional amounts at fair market value.

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